It's the announcement Led Zeppelin fans the world over have been waiting for since 2007. The group's reunion concert at the O2 in London will be ready in November! 

Start saving your pennies right now or put it at the top of your gift list. The Led Zeppelin reunion concert is going to be made available on DVD in time for Christmas.

According to the U.K. Sun, Jimmy Page has been "in the studio making sure everything is perfect." Now, it wasn't Jimmy himself explaining what's going on. It was, of course a "source close to the band" who's making the claims, but this "source" says that the band has always had "exceptionally high standards" and Jimmy is just making sure that the material meets those standards, hence the long wait.

The countdown launched on their Facebook page over the weekend and yesterday, instead of making the announcement, they released a 14 second video. All it was was a cheering crowd, blackness, then "Led Zeppelin" then the four symbols. Today, the page has a photo up that just says "1", so some sort of announcement should happen sometime tomorrow.

This "source" says that the official world wide release date will be November 22, which is Thanksgiving Day, but it totally makes sense that it would be released in time for Black Friday. Led Zeppelin never did anything by accident. Their moves were perfectly calculated and it also makes total sense that the band would make some sort of announcement around the same time that they announced they would be reuniting to honor Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun, which happened exactly five years ago today.

Here's the video:


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