Robert Plant and Band of Joy has a new concert DVD coming out on Tuesday. So, will it be worth the money?

The DVD will be called Robert Plant & The Band of Joy: Live from the Artists Den. The show was taped in Nashville in January of 2011 at the War Memorial Auditorium.

The DVD will include an interview with Robert, a behind the scenes look at the show and the story of the War Memorial Auditorium and several photographs. Buyers will also get a 12 page scrapbook of the show inside the packaging.

I had the opportunity to see Robert Plant and Band of Joy last spring and it was a fantastic show. Robert sounded just perfect and he sprinkled in some Led Zeppelin tunes as well.

Want to see what's in store for you if you buy the DVD? Check out a video from the disc of the group performing their version of the Los Lobos tune, Angel Dance.