Former CCR lead John Fogerty released a song this past January called "Weeping in the Promised Land".  Even though it's a song that was just released and inspired by the events surrounding George Floyd, the title is something that he has had in his mind for over 30 years.

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According to an article with the Star/Tribune, Fogerty wrote and recorded a version of this song about 3 years ago.  He wasn't happy with it, but after the murder of George Floyd, he reworked it to the version that was released in January of this year.

...hit me like being punched in the gut. I now understood what weeping in the promised land meant.

Fogerty is scheduled to perform at Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake on the 4th of July.  He is planning to sing this song in public for the first time. He says this this is important because it's marking the first performance, plane ride and people gathering together since the pandemic.  The song will be recognizable as sounding much like other Creedance Clearwater Revival songs.  The "swamp rock" sound that CCR has, but expect to see Fogerty playing the piano for much of the song instead of his usual guitar.

Fogerty has a political theme in many of his songs, some examples are "Fortunate Son", "Who'll Stop the Rain" and "Bad Moon Rising" and this one is much of the same feel.  He says he's still going to have fun even though the subject matter of "Weeping in the Promised Land" is a bit heavy.

"I'm an entertainer. I want everyone to have a good time," he said. "I'm humbled by the fact that people know what my intent was, and they may disagree with that part but still enjoy the music. I encourage that."

You can check out the show at Mystic Lake Casino show with John Fogerty this Sunday, July 4th.  Tickets available here. 

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