We usually do Johnny Umf's Lame Attempt at a Joke on Friday mornings but due to scheduling conflict, aka Johnny's not here this Friday. So, we decided to move to this morning.


Laura usually videos the joke but Laura's not here for the rest of the week. I did record the joke and I have to admit , it was almost kinda, sorta funny. Don't tell Johnny I said that or he'll demand some sort of compensation for future appearances.

My wish for Johnny Umf is that someday he will hit the big time comedy circuit. Yeah, I know, Johnny's not the greatest comedian but there are worse that are making a go of it at a comedy career.

It would please me greatly to see Johnny Umf's name up in lights in Las Vegas someday. Chances of that happening are pretty nil but one can always hope.

Thank God, Johnny has a day job.

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