It's Friday again... that means another Lame Joke Friday with Johnny U.  This week he did tell us that he had some "really good ones".    Same thing he says every week.   It's never true.  But this week... we did have a little bit of a change up.  He got a little, shall we say "edgier" with his jokes.

Johnny U laugh

The first one was a "Little Johnny" joke.  And it was everything that you  expect a "Little Johnny" joke to be.  Little Johnny is a naughty little boy.  He always  says things that he shouldn't.  The teacher is always upset with him because of his "foul" mouth.  Today was no different.  Little Johnny was again a naughty little mouthy boy.

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Also, we had another joke that had to do with "planting a seed" and watching it grow, and you know where that can lead.  Well, maybe you don't. But you are going to find out here!  Johnny U and his rare joke telling ability were on the mark this week.  We couldn't help but to give him a couple of props this week.  I guess the law of "odds".  You will eventually get one (or 2) right.

It went something like this...

See?  Johnny U--- pushing the envelope right here on this Lame Joke Friday. For once the jokes weren't that lame.  They were actually, dare I say, kind of good.  Maybe we are starting to see an uptick in the Lame Joke Friday feature.  Probably not, but at least we have some hope.

Until  next week...

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