I always think it's fun to try and think of new things to bring camping, or to an outdoor party, or just something fun when there are a lot of people around- sharing is caring, after all, right?


Last year I tried the boozy gummy bears.  Those were pretty good.  But after a bit, if they weren't all eaten in a timely matter, they turned into fat boozy gummies that were kind of slimy.

Let's try this- boozy melon balls.  You could do watermelon, cantaloupe, or honeydew, or a combination of the three.  That sounds good, right?  And they probably won't swell up, either.  How can this possibly go wrong?  You have melon balls and you have vodka, what could happen?

Here is the recipe:

Oh, and make sure you aren't the one driving after consuming this concoction.  That would be bad.  Consume responsibly.


Happy Summer!!!  It's finally here with some warm weather kicking this weekend off... on to the 4th!

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