Being a former bartender, I understand how important and vital tips are to make a decent living.

Tip jar with money

Most, and I stress most, people know to tip their bartender, waitress, etc. but what about your taxi driver? What about picking up a to go order.? Do you tip? I mean, someone had to take the order and package it up for you. So,do you tip that person?

I assume anyone performing a service should get some kind of tip. Airport baggage handlers, I usually tip $2 a bag. Bartenders, $1 a drink. Waiters and waitresses get 20 to 30%..

Sometimes, I'll go to a Subway for a sandwich and some have tip jars by the register and some don't.  Not sure if it's a store by store policy or not.

Just think of it as part of the deal. For the most part these service workers do a great job. In fact, I think everyone should work in that industry for awhile just to see how it all work and how much work goes into serving customers.


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