The struggle is real.  Losing weight can be tough on a lot of people.  Sometimes it's just a never ending battle.  The keeping it off may actually be harder than losing the initial weight.


So, what is the secret to keeping the weight you lost off?  Check out this theory...

I've heard of eating the placenta after having a baby.  I thought that was the grossest thing I had heard of people doing.  Even in capsule form.  But that theory says "hold my beer".  There was a study done that suggests that consuming ones own feces after weight loss may help that person from gaining weight back. Again, in capsule form.  But still!  And you would have to retrieve said poop in order to make it into the capsule form.  Just gross.

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The clinical trial was done in Israel.  The study had participants on a few separate diets.  They also were all either obese or had high cholesterol or both.  There were also 3 different diets that they were put on. There was the regular simple "diet guidelines".  There was Mediterranean and the Green-Mediterranean diet.  And they needed to stay on these diets for 6 months.  Afterwards, they were given the poop capsules.  Again, gross. But only half of them were given their actual microbiome (poop capsules) and the others were given a placebo.

Turns out, not surprisingly, that the Green-Med diet works the best.  And it also seems that this practice may actually be good for your overall gut-health.

Well, it's still too gross for me. I think I will just stick to the exercise and "watching what I eat" method.  It might be tougher, but at least it's not gross.  Maybe that's what keeps the weight off.  Throwing up??  Just  a thought.


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