Last June KFC debuted their new Chicken and Waffles.  And guess what- it was such a hit that they are bringing it back... for a limited time just four months after it left.  Why?  Because apparently there is a huge demand for Chicken and Waffles.  I personally don't really understand the appeal, but maybe I am missing out on some delicious food.

This time, you will be able to get them in two different ways.  You could just get the chicken and waffles meal.  Or you can choose to get the waffles with chicken as a sandwich.  The waffles are used instead of a bun.  I feel like I have seen people do that with Eggo waffles before. But to each their own.  Both are around $6.

Getty Images
Getty Images

This is all available starting tomorrow (Saturday), and the deal only goes until April 29th. And by the way- last time they ran out of supplies.  So jump on this now, if you are into this sort of thing. I personally think it's a little strange, but I honestly haven 't tried it.  Maybe I should.


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