We talked to Kate this morning about this week's adoptable pet and this week we have a pretty good one.  Kodie is a Labrador/Retriever mix and with that tongue, I'm guessing he's pretty good at catching flies.

Tri County Humane Society
Tri County Humane Society

Say hello to Kodie! He originally came to TCHS as a transfer from another facility. Was adopted and returned due to being to active~~Was adopted and returned again due to allergies in the home. This big guy needs someone to show him some manners as he has tons of puppy energy.

Would benefit from obedience classes to bond with his new owner and develop some manners. Would benefit from an active lifestyle, daily walks would be ideal for him. Is used to having a fenced-in yard to play in and would benefit from one in his new home.

He has met dogs and did well with them, he loves to play with them. Has not met cats, but based on how he has done with the neighborhood outdoor kitties, he may not do best with them as he gets very excited. Has met kids and does well with them, but can tend to jump on them a bit as he is very playful.

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Slow and proper introductions are recommended when introducing new pets or people. Is house-trained and will whine when he has to go outside. Is outgoing and loving. Used to sleeping in bed with his people at night. Was kenneled in his previous home, but did not do the best. He tended to be destructive in the kennel as he would shred blankets or toys and cry until his people came home.

Would do best with an owner who is home most of the time or with someone willing to work with him on positive association with his kennel. It is unknown how he would do free roaming the home when his people leave.

He is an avid chewer who needs lots of durable toys to keep him occupied. Interactive toys like Kongs or food puzzles would be great for him. Would recommend he be fed a high quality kibble with meat as the first ingredient.

All supplies can be purchased in the TCHS Re-Tail Shoppe; all proceeds go back to help the animals! This energetic boy cannot wait to start his new beginning with you!

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