Seems there is no one or no place that isn't affected by the COVID-19 virus. Kwik Trip is the latest to announce that they will be restricting some of their self serve items.

In order to curb the spread of COVID-19, Kwik Trip is restricting self serve food and beverages.  This includes Their self service coffee/cappuccino bar, self serve fountain sodas, condiment bar, certain bakery items, soup bar, nacho & chili bar and roller grill.


If a store has enough staff on hand, the staff will be allowed to to distribute fountain drinks and coffee. This is all being done to limit the number of people that would come in contact with the dispenser machinery.

Here is the full message from Kwik Trip;


Kwik Trip also want to remind customers that there are multiple hand sanitizer stations, as well as hand pump sanitizers near the gas pumps.

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