It was just in the news the other day that Jermaine Jackson who happens to be 63 married a woman that is 23. That's a 40 year gap in ages.


I'm not one to judge, but 40 years apart in age is just a huge gap. It's certainly not his brides fault in most cultural references go completely over her head. I find that even with my kids.

Well, ladies, according to there are some benefits to dating older guys.

He buys you nice things with his bingo winnings

You haven't lived until you've done it on one of those Acorn Stair Lifts

You never have to go see your boyfriend's crappy band

He's in bed so early, you have all night to party with your friends

Not in the mood for sex? Hide his Viagra

Still a lot of your day left after a dinner date that's over by 4 PM

You know more about the CBS prime time lineup than most people your age

He's too old to ever have to hear him say "amazeballs"

Meals are simple: soup and vitamins

You don't have to listen to him go on and on about his hopes and dreams

When he says forever, you know that's his forever and not yours.

Finally, he'll never post naughty photos of you on Instagram because he doesn't know how.


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