These are strange times.  Coronavirus has gotten people out of their comfort zones.

Wash your hands frequently (and thoroughly!)

Basically home schooling their kids, working from home, not going anywhere, and trying to get creative when looking for ways to keep everyone entertained.

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A survey by asks the question what have you done that you haven't done before?  Or what are you doing now, that you never thought you would be doing?  Here are some of the thing people had to say

Would like to point out- if you have used something other than toilet paper, you are supposed to throw that into the trash, and not flush it.  As gross as that is, things other than toilet paper can clog up the drain and then we will all have an even bigger problem.  No one wants that.

Exercising at home- that one I'm still not great at.  I have been doing the walking/running thing outside when I can, but am really missing the gym. Let's all try not to get flabby.  Swimsuit season is right around the corner, and it looks like it's going to be a lot nicer than it was last year... So, at least that's one thing to look forward to!



COVID-19: Signs of the Time

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