It amazes me that marijuana, recreational or even medical, isn't totally legal yet in this country.  A few states have stepped up to the plate and have legalized one or both. If you're like me, you hear about someone getting popped for possession and you think to yourself  "Boy, I'm glad they locked that guy up before he ordered a pizza or wrote a poem or something".  It's been proven that there are many benefits to marijuana use.  There are claims it does everything Thinkstockfrom prevent seizures, relieve chronic pain, heal and strengthen bones, even kill cancer cells and more.  So why the reluctance to legalize it?  Well, for one, fear of abuse. Whether it's alcohol, heroin, or Cheetos, there will always be a small segment that will abuse whatever.  Secondly, politicians fear a backlash from their more conservative constituents. Thirdly, politicians are either uninformed or in the pocket of big pharma or both.  It's pretty well known that big pharma and even the drug cartels are against legalization.  Pharmaceutical companies certainly don't want you using pot to treat your depression instead of buying their antidepressants, etc.  It's amazing how marijuana has been demonized over the decades.  Your doctor can lose his license to practice medicine for a pot conviction, yet it's perfectly okay to sit at the country club and throw down martinis til closing time. Oh, I should mention there have been zero overdose deaths from marijuana.  Certainly can't say the same for alcohol or prescription drugs.  Legalize it and tax it!

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