Johnny U at it again!

It's Friday which means it's a Lame Joke Friday kind of day. Johnny stopped into the studio with 3 jokes this time.  Yes, THREE!


The first two were basically one liners.  They were actually about 3 liners, but you get the gist.  The third joke was actually kind of funny.  Had to do with some library chatter.  You know how you are always supposed to be quiet in a library?  Well, when people aren't, things tend to go awry.

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I have video footage of  his joke telling.  So, here just so you can entertain yourself whenever  you'd like to...

I  still don't think he necessarily has a carrier in the comedy biz, but he's probably good enough for lame joke Friday!  We will just keep the name.  It fits.

Tune in next Friday morning right around 7:35am.  Right after Dave-O's sports in the morning.

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