I have rarely watched an entire round of professional golf in my life. Yesterday was an exception. It was the Masters and I had nothing else to really do, so I watched and I'm glad I did.

I was always a fan of Tiger's style of play. He keeps his cool and you can tell he's just honed in on the game. Sure he's had some personal problems off the course but who hasn't?  I find it difficult to hold that against Tiger.

Just a coup[le of years ago, Tiger didn't know if he would ever play golf again. For tiger this must have been the worst thing to happen. Golf is all he's done. After successful back surgery Tiger has fought his way back.


Yesterday was great, watching Tiger play his passively aggressive game. Also fun to watch his opponents, playing ahead of him, start to buckle under the pressure of Tiger coming up behind them. After not winning a major tournament in 11 years Tiger won his 5th green jacket at the Masters yesterday.

Golf just got more exciting, again!

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