Time to go to Aldi and get some cheeses while they last.,  The cheeses are just regular cheese- but they are named after 80s classic songs.  Like some of the names are:

Wake Me Up Before You Goat Goat, Sweet Cheddar of Mine, Girls Just Wanna Have Fontina, Pour Some Gouda on Me, and Total Eclipse of the Havarti.

Sounds kind of fun, right?  These are only available at Aldi, and it is inspired by the Grammy award show which take place this Sunday night.



These cheeses are only $3.49 and are only available for a limited time.  So- grab some now, and make a snack for the Grammys and you are set... meat, cheese, and maybe get some crackers too.  Perfect! All that's needed now is your choice of beverage.  I can think of something... or maybe play a drinking game from some phrase that you know will be repeated throughout the show.  Always makes award shows more fun to watch...at least I think so!



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