My theory is that these people never intend to get caught.  Borrow a little here and a little there, while totally intending to pay it back before anyone notices. But things spiral and before they know it they are way over their heads with no way to return what they took.

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I can't say for sure that's the case here but it well could be. Kelly Beth Alonso-Heath has been charged with embezzling over $90,000 over 4 years as she acted as treasurer for the Little Falls Youth Hockey Association.

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President of the youth hockey association, Carmen Johnson, contacted Little Falls police in June of this year and told investigators that Alonso-Heath had been replaced as treasurer and after an assessment of accounts, a large discrepancy in funds was discovered.

After checking account records, Johnson found Alonso-Heath had written checks to herself for cash that added up to over $85,000 and withdrew money electronically from the Little Falls Youth Hockey Association.

Alonso-Heath admitted to police that she was in pretty bad financial shape the 4 years she was acting as treasurer for the Little Falls Youth Hockey Association. She allegedly started writing checks to herself in the latter part of 2018 totaling several thousand dollars a month.

If found guilty of embezzling over $35,000 Alonso-Heath is facing a pretty hefty prison sentence. She could be looking at up to a 20 year prison term and a $100,000 fine.

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