What's the saying again?  "If you don't like today's weather, wait til tomorrow, it'll change".  Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to be pretty hot and humid for the next several days here in St Cloud.

First Snow of Winter Hits Northern Ireland
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Well, if the heat is getting to you and you yearn for that chill in the air and several inches of snow on the ground, you don't have to wait for Winter.  Head to the mountain areas of Montana and Idaho.

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According to the National Weather Service, several inches of snow are expected in Montana and Idaho.  Can you imagine a 4th of July with several inches of snow on the ground? Sounds like it's most likely to snow just southwest of Billings and into northern Idaho.

Is it just me or is the weather getting crazier every day.  Several inches of snow just shouldn't fall out of the sky in July, in this hemisphere.  I think it's only fair that if it snows in the Summer, we deserve some sunny & 80 degree days in the Winter, right?

Anyway, relish this seasonal heatwave because the cold and snow isn't that far off in the future.  If you are in parts of Montana or Idaho it's this week. might be a great cool off spot or maybe take a road trip just to see this spectacle.

(National Weather Service)


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