Everything now-a-days needs a password, and let's be honesty here people, passwords are a PAIN IN THE NECK!! I mean seriously, you need a password to get to another password to get where you need to go too! And then you have to worry about it being the correct criteria and then remembering the damn thing.

Well sadly you may have to change it AGAIN (Sorry... ), thanks to what I'm about to tell you. Computer security experts in Paris have uncovered a list of 711 MILLION email addresses that were harvested by an online spam-bot. Again sorry for telling you this, but you needed to know. But before you take your phone that you're reading this on and throw it against the wall, there is a website called 'Have I Been Pwned' to see if any of your email addresses are on this or any list.

I checked all of my email addresses that I have and I was cleared on all of them expect for one. But honestly I never use that email anymore, so I think I'll delete it after finishing this.

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