As heard on the February 24th show:


1. Robbers Busted By Butt Dial

Surprise!  This story hails from Florida!  Two men were busted for stealing $8,000 in construction equipment after their boss overheard them planning the theft.  The two men had accidentally butt dialed their boss and left a message that contains the two idiots admitting to everything.





2. Mallrats Coming to Eden Prairie Mall??

Nothing is official, but it looks like Kevin Smith is trying to organize something at the Eden Prairie Mall to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the movie Mallrats!  Check out the tweet he posted.




 3. How Much You Have to Make to "Live the Dream"

According to a new study, the secret to happiness is making over $80,000 a year working at a 27-hour-a-week job and living in a $443,000 house.  One third of people said their main goal is to earn more money, with 15% saying they wouldn't be satisfied until they made more than $100,000 per year.





4. Internet Comes to Rescue for Kid's Birthday

A Florida mother invited 16 kids from her kid's class to his 6th birthday party and NO ONE showed.  She posted on a parental Facebook group from her community and received an outpouring of support.  Not only did a bunch of kids and their parents show up, but so did firefighters and police and they brought along presents.





 5. Intelligence Judged on Voice Tone

People be judging, so we're learning.  Everything from the cut of your jib to the swing in your step cues people into the kind of person you are.  So does the sound of your voice.  A new study reveals that employers rate job candidates as more competent, thoughtful, and intelligent when they hear that person recite their resume out loud, rather than just seeing words on paper.





 6. The Face Blanket Exists

For people who... love sleeping with their face covered (that's a thing?), you can now breathe easy through the tiny little nose hole in Face Blanket.  It's like a Snuggie for your noggin and they look extremely silly.  Love how they suggest it as a way to hide from unwanted attention at a party, as if anyone would consider this a serious option.






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