As heard on the March 24th show:


1. Brothel Testing Job Opening

Every man's fantasy job is now open.  If you speak German, have a college degree and love booty, this could be the perfect position for you.  A brothel company in Germany is looking to hire someone who will travel to their locations across the globe and test them.  Yep.  You read that right.






2. Is Your Feces Full of Gold?

You're so full of sh*t!  And it's a good thing too, because all that poo could be hiding a vast array of wealth.  A professor at Arizona State University found quantities of gold, silver and platinum at water testing facilities and says in the U.S. alone, we could be squeezing out several billion dollars worth of the stuff each year!  Holy crap!






3. Is Your Smartphone Stalking You?

It might be.  When is the last time you went into your privacy settings and checked the "Location Services" tab?  On average, most people's phone apps are tracking their location every 3 minutes.  If you're not a fan of smartphone stalking, make sure to keep an eye on what apps in your phone are tracking you and when.  You should be able to designate each app to track only when it's in use, always, or never.






4. Special Guest C. Willi Myles Joins In

Don't miss his last show at the Paramount Theater this Saturday night at 7:30pm.  Tickets are almost sold out, so don't wait to grab yours if you're planning to attend!  In this break we talked about scary kid clowns and local small town parades.  California and small town Minnesota are very different places for sure.




5.  Things About Women That Baffle Men

The way women choose or choose not to organize things.  Who get's to decide that in each room?  Why is C. Willi Myles so obsessed with tiny forks?



Why do women carry so many things in their purse?  Why do they carry a purse at all?  Lucy empties her purse to show the guys once and for all just what she's hiding in her mystery clutch.