As heard on the March 23rd show:


1.  Woman Assaults Man With Breasts

Ladies, when you find yourself without mace or if you forget to pack that brick in your purse for safety's sake, here's an option - a breast beating.  That's what one woman did after a man at the convenience store didn't save her spot in line.  How dare he.  Maybe he did it on purpose knowing what the consequences would be?  Sounds like every man's fantasy.  In fact, we're pretty sure it's on the menu at the Chicken Ranch lol.






2. Lucy's Travel Tales: The Marble Toilet

It's Lucy's first day back from her vacation in Florida and she has some pretty interesting experiences while down south.  Listen as she talks about her once in a lifetime dinner with one of the country's most successful trial attorney's Fred Levin and her mishaps with a toilet made completely of marble.




3. Reasons To Leave Work on Time

Reason number one: you got to work late, so why not?!  Okay, maybe that's not on the official list, but you work hard enough, so cut corners willingly and don't feel bad about it.  You deserve a break you hard worker you!






 4. More Sleep Equals More Sex

A new study suggests that when women get more sleep, they are more likely the following day to be in the mood to get it on.  The numbers are pretty crazy.  For every extra hour of sleep, the chances of a little bing-bang in the hay increase by 14%.  Looks like that 8 hours of beauty rest is more important than ever!






5. Things Every Guy Should Know

We've skimmed this topic before, but it's time for a refresher course.  Does Jesse know his anniversary date when asked the second time around?  And will men every learn to ask for directions?  Lucy shares her tale of when asking for directions to prove a point completely backfired.






 6. The Secret to Getting a Raise

Just ask!  We wish it was that easy too.  There is a secret to properly negotiating numbers for the best chance of the financial increase you're hoping to get.  Most people shoot out a high number, hoping to land as close to it as possible.  Experts say we're going about it all wrong and you're more likely to lose out all together when you ask for a raise that way.  Listen to find out what the real secret is to scoring the pay increase you've always deserved.






7. Most Popular Beer in Each Country

Despite the popularity of craft beers and local breweries, the most popular beer in the United States is still a domestic.  Sigh.  Find out what beers people are drinking across the globe in the latest fun picture map by the numbers break-down.