As heard on the February 12th show:


1. Couple Ends Up in Garbage Truck

We've had our fair share of drunken nights, but not once did it ever end with a nap in the dumpster.  In Florida (of course) one couples night of intoxication led to a ride in the garbage truck.  The couple had been napping in a dumpster near the casino where they were drinking at.  Lucky they didn't get crushed.





2. Four Out of Five People Would Rather Kiss Their Dog

So what if he licks his butt and just ate something out of the garbage.  Your dog's next destination for smooches is your face and 80% of people say they'd rather have that than kisses from their significant other.  More people will buy gifts for their pets than their significant others.





 3. Three Powerball Winners

None of them in Minnesota.  Shoot.  So guess you better go into work today and shelf your plans to retire until the next big jackpot.  Those winning numbers once again 25, 11, 54, 13, 39 and Powerball 19.  The $564 million jackpot is the fifth largest in U.S. History.





 4. Date Ideas For All Relationship Stages

Men's Health put together an article that gives ideas for what kind of dates you should be going on based on how long you've been together.  They came to these conclusions after talking with long-time couples and married folks.  A good general rule, when it comes to Valentines Day do something outside the box for your date and have a plan.





 5. Teacher With Phobia of Children

Seems like a poor career choice.  We're on the fence about this one.  An Ohio federal appeals court ruled against a former teacher who sued school administrators for discrimination after they moved her from a high school teaching position to a middle school.  She claimed younger students triggered her phobia forcing her to retire.





 6. Dating Milestones & Other Fun Facts

When is the best time to ask about exclusivity?  How about getting naked and crawling into bed together?  The dreaded "I love you" for the first time?  Here's a general idea of how many dates you should wait before you hit these relationship milestones and a look at other fun statistics.





 7. SNL 40th Special

It's a huge weekend for SNL.  This Sunday is the 40th Anniversary Special that they've been teasing for months.  Lucy's boyfriend is in New York this week and actually got pulled aside to film a quick "on the street" segment with the SNL crew.  Who knows, maybe we'll see his mug on TV this weekend.  Just look for the tall guy with facial hair and one of those ear flap caps on.





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