As heard on the January 19th show:


1. Woman Stole TV With Thighs

Police in Costa Rica have released video of a theft that happened a couple months ago in hopes of finding the robber.  In it, a woman sticks a plasma TV up her skirt and then walks out of the store with the stroll of someone who's done it before.  So natural, so free, so amazing that there is a TV tucked away up there.  This woman must have thighs of steal.






 2. Sluttiest States in America

Using numbers from the Center for Disease Control a website called Mandatory ranked all 50 states based on how slutty they are.  They added up infections per 100,000 residents, so the higher the number, more chances that you'll pick something up if you're not too careful with your dipstick.  The sluttiest state in America is Mississippi.  Minnesota came in at 40.  Not too shabby.





3. Learning to Love Foods You Hate

What foods did you hate as a kid, that you now love?  Coffee, beer and chilies are just a few popular foods that kids hate, but adults love.  Why do our tastes change?   Cultural psychologist at University of Pennsylvania, Paul Rozin, believes social pressures have a lot to do with it and so does repeated exposure.





 4. Man's Stormtrooper Costume Saved His Life

His name is Scott Loxley and he's walking nearly 10,000 miles across Australia to raise money for the Monash Children's Hospital in Melbourne.  While on his travels, he crossed what looked like a dead king brown snake, which then lunged and sunk it's teeth into Scott's shin.  Luckily, the Stormtrooper costume he was wearing stopped the bite from sinking into his skin.  King brown snakes are the sixth deadliest in Australia.






 5. Closing Your Eyes Helps You Remember

Sick of losing your remote control?  Car keys?  Glasses?  We all have items that get misplaced over and over again.  A new study suggests that closing your eyes can actually help you recall where you placed that item.  When you close your eyes, it blocks distractions and helps you focus on the details of what you're trying to remember.





 6. Show & Tell

Jesse & Lucy continue to get to know each other better with another round of Show & Tell.  Let's see what items they brought in this week!




7. Jaycees Ice Fishing Song

One of our Loon listeners reached out and shared this song that's all about this weekend's Ice Fishing Extravaganza.   Thanks to John Kurkosky for bringing this to our attention.  He also has a number of other fishing songs which you can check out HERE.





8.  Football Outcomes

Here's your Super Bowl match-up!


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