This week the governor of Wisconsin came out in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis and Minnesota's Governor Walz has also stated recently his support for recreational legalization. So, what's the holdup?  Don't hold your breath (no pun intended) It seems the GOP controlled State Senate seems to know what's best for us all and that would be NO legalized recreational pot.

At first glance, it may appear that they are looking out for us and just aren't going to give legal pot a pass.  But it's much more sinister than that.  As long as recreational cannabis is illegal, Minnesota marijuana reform groups that run as third party candidates syphon votes from the Democrats, thus putting the Minnesota State Senate under GOP control.

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What the majority of Minnesotans want is a non factor with these guys.

It's all about power.  Minnesota Senate Majority Leader, Paul Gazelka, said  "The marijuana bill in the Senate is up in smoke. That's not going to happen."

Some of the suggested amendments in the House's bill, GOP suggested amendments, would use 5% of marijuana tax revenue tor treatment and prevention programs.  In addition one million dollars over 2 years would go the Minnesota State Patrol for drug recognition training and money for roadside tests for cannabis.

Minnesota State House Majority Leader, Ryan Winkler said "Cannabis prohibition in Minnesota has been a failure. The criminal penalties associated with cannabis prohibition have been unfairly applied to communities of color, especially Black Minnesotans."

Even Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison was tweeting that "Law enforcement in MN should be focused on serious crimes, not low-level cannabis offenses that lead to significant racial disparities in our criminal-justice system and injustice in our communities, and do little or nothing to keep us safer."

I think the shortest of solutions would be to let the citizens of Minnesota cast a vote since the GOP controlled Senate seems they could care less what the constituents want. It's all about the power.

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