If you are heading up north any time within the near future, as most Minnesotans do during the summer, make sure to make a quick stop at Dairyland in Fergas Falls.

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Sometimes these little spots along the way in some small towns are really the best place to stop and get a bite to eat.  When you are in a bigger city, there are generally some very popular restaurants that people usually tell you are a "must check out" or a "must see" or whatever the case may be.  But make sure not to miss some of the "lesser known" restaurants that really are places that are totally worth it.

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Dairyland in Fergas Falls was recently featured on the website "Only in Your State" and touted as "adorable as it is delicious".  They recently celebrated their 65th anniversary, so obviously has some staying power.  But, like everything else last year, it was a tough go.  Just a few days ago, they posted this on their Facebook page.

It does say "limited capacity" but just as of this week, like for this Memorial Day weekend, the indoor capacity limits have been lifted.  But you'd have to check with each particular place to see if they have lifted their own restrictions. It is up to each business to decide what restrictions they will still follow or just open up completely.

I love diners and restaurants that have that "retro" feel, like a 50s diner type of place.  When they have the lunch counter.  For some reason I always feel like the food is automatically going to be good and at a great price.

So, next time you head up that way and find yourself near the Fergas Falls area, stop in for a bite and see what you think.  Looks and sounds like it's going to be worth the stop.  And I love the Peanuts theme too.

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