Although, I've never been "officially" arrested, I know enough not to antagonize the police. Nothing good can really come of it, ya know?  Well, this guy from Scotland thought for some reason, it might not be a bad idea.  He was wrong.

Stuart Cook, a 28 year old guy from Scotland, was arrested after police smelled weed in his car after an accident. They took him into the station for a strip search and that's when things got explosive. When instructed to bend over, he did so and farted 3 times at the cops, saying "How do you like that?".


He eventually pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana and behaving in a threatening manner. No word on his sentence for those charges.   Now, for the flatulence. He was bacjk in front of the judge, last week, charged with "intentually flatulating at the cops".  Evidently, an actual crime in Scotland.

He got 75 hours of community service or 25 hours per fart.

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