This is an amazing story of survival. How anyone could survive being riddled with bullets, 15 to be exact, and live to tell about it, I don't know.

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Almost a year ago, Gabe Tauscher of Wisconsin was shot 15 times by the ex-boyfriend of the woman he was in a relationship with, at the time. It was the 29th of May of 2021 when Tauscher came very close to being just another victim of an ex. Ironically the only one that died that day was the ex-boyfriend, who turned the gun on himself after a police chase,

Tauscher is now sharing his story of a miraculous recover from 15 bullet wounds, almost a year later.

Tauscher told Fox 9  "The more I talk about it, the easier it is to deal with and to work through, Every nerve that had been cut was screaming," Tauscher said. "The last few shots I got actually felt more like burns than anything."

Being shot 15 times would most certainly result in a person's death, right? But, for Tauscher the stars must have been aligned just right. He attributes his miraculous survival to a few things.

"I know there’s a lot of luck, a little bit of skill, and maybe some divine intervention," Tauscher told Fox 9. "Three to the left hip, one got me in the back of the left foot, one in each butt cheek," Tauscher explained. "I’ve got four-ish in my left arm."

Fortunately, Tauscher with his body riddled with bullet holes, he suffered no damage to his spine or brain. 20 pints of blood, some skill full doctors and a pretty strong determination to live, almost a year later he is still around to talk about it.

As for the man who shot him, Tauscher says, "I forgive him".

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