It really seems like it's been a long time since Marcus Theaters shut down their theaters nationwide, die to the pandemic. If you a re Netflixed out and just want to get out of the house and enjoy seeing movies on the big screen, the time has come. Parkwood will open for business starting tomorrow.

Cinemark Movie Theaters Reopen Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
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Parkwood is one of a few opening nationwide. Only 35 Marcus Theater locations will open tomorrow. Director of Marketing and Communications for Marcus , Mari Randa, says getting Marcus's 91 theaters slowly reopened has been very "involved".

“In late June, we decided to open up six theaters as test locations,” she explained. “We implemented updated protocols, and followed CDC and local guidelines, and tested those out. We didn’t have any new movies to play at that time, so we just played the classics and got back into the groove.”

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Theaters are following Minnesota guidelines for their reopening. Theaters are limited to 25% capacity and movie goers are asked to stay 6 feet apart in the building.Theaters will be routinely cleaned and sanitized by the staff and hand sanitizing stations will be available.

Randa stated “We’ve set up staggered seating, we call it checkerboard seating. Let’s say you’re in row one. You’ll see two seats on, two seats off, two seats on, and so forth. Then, the row behind that one will start with two seats off, followed by two seats on, so that there’s no one sitting directly next, in front or behind you, giving you your space while you watch the movie.”


It's recommended that you purchase your tickets, snacks and drinks online in advance by using the Marcus Theater app or website.

Randa added “We want everyone to do their part and respect everyone that comes into the building,” she says. “Our associates will be wearing masks, and we ask our guests to wear masks as well.”


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