We are all ready for the mask mandate, pandemic and anything associated with it to be over.  I think almost everyone, if not everyone can agree with that. How do we get there?  Apparently when most people are vaccinated.  That also helps to create herd immunity.

New York's Northwell Health Hospital Administers Covid Vaccines
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The coronavirus vaccination has been out for a few months now, and most people around the country are deciding to get the vaccine.  But this is a choice. No one is forcing anyone to get it... yet.  But with that choice, also comes some consequences.  Certain places, venues, transportation, and other public entities COULD require it to use or visit their facilities/services.This hasn't happened as of yet, but there has been talk.

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So far, the St Cloud area, minus Stearns County which is at about 50%, is among the slowest in the state to have their population receive the vaccine.  Benton county is last, at about 36% currently.  Sherburne is at 39%.  You can check the interactive map of Minnesota counties here.  The twin cities metro area has 3 counties at or close to that 70% vaxx mark.  Cook County in the arrowhead is at 79%.

The mask mandate will end by July 1, but will end earlier if the state as a whole reaches 70% of the population vaccinated.

A 70% vaccination rate, health officials have said, is likely the floor for achieving herd immunity and preventing community spread of the deadly virus. That threshold has been repeated by both federal and global leaders. It's also the target set out by Gov. Tim Walz, who promised to fully end the state's mask mandate prior to July 1 if Minnesota's 16-plus population hits that number.

There are obviously people who cannot recieve the vaccine because of certain health issues, so the hope is that most everyone else will get it to protect themselves and others around them.

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