Masks.  This used to be the thing that you would put on at the Dr's office if you were coughing or feeling sick, and it was always awkward.  Now, it's becoming the norm.

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Just this week Delta announced that all of their crew, customer service agents flight attendants and pilots will be required to wear a mask if they come within 6 feet of any of the passengers.  Right now passengers are not required to wear them, but they are encouraged.

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Delta added that is is “strongly encouraging” customers to wear masks. It will offer them for free at ticket counters, gates and on flights.

Other airlines have made similar moves after the coronavirus triggered a plunge in air travel.

Jet Blue just made that move today (Tuesday) as well.  This one does include both passengers and crew..

Do you think this is the way all airlines are going to go?  The question I have is how hard is it going to be to understand your flight attendant?  I have a hard enough time on a normal flight because of all the flight noise.  I kind of read lips.  Seriously.  Sometimes it does seem that bad.

It's the world we now live in, I guess.