The development of rock as we know it today is thanks to invention of the electric guitar. Thanks to each artist that used their own innovation of the electric guitar were able to provide some of the most memorable songs.

With the above being said, classic rock no doubt, gave birth to thousands of great and hot electric licks, riffs and power chords. I comprised some of the bet in this part one of two memorable classic rock licks, riffs, and power chords.

A lot of unique guitar players have blessed us with some great stuff, i.e., Martin Barre (Jethro Tull), Buck Dharma, (Blue Oyster Cult) and Angus Young (AC/DC) just to name a few.

In this series we will remember some classic rock riffs from ten bands and focus on each guitar player from those great bands:

You can follow the tabs at the bottom of each page for the next memorable classic rock lick or for a direct link simply click on each artists name above. Let's Rock!

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