After the past 8 months, it sure would be nice if Mother Nature gave us a break this winter. Even though the frigid stuff is a little ways off, we all know it's coming, right?

Massive Snowstorm Brings Up To Foot Of Snow To Large Swath Of Northeast
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To mentally prepare myself, I like to try and come up with some positive things about the frigid temps bound to be coming our way.

So, in an effort to stay positive until more palatable temperatures return, whenever that will be, here are a few things that could be seen a positive about our current wintry stuff.

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  • My drinks stay cold when I put them on the window sill
  • No bugs
  • Astro, my dog, takes care of his business outside much quicker
  • Don't have to mow the lawn
  • Trash can doesn't stink
  • When I trip, I can blame it on the ice
  • I can, technically, walk on water
  • That pesky sun doesn't shine all damn day
  • I appear somewhat hearty to my warm weather friends on Facebook
  • And finally, I rarely have to "adjust" my stuff

In any kind of normal non pandemic winter, I would have some kind of warm destination in mind. Unfortunately, it appears things are not going to be suitable to vacation this winter.  Hope we can all have a good winter under the circumstances.  Stay warm!


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