The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome has been maligned over the years as a place with no character, no amenities and not enough bathrooms. However, the Dome was also a place that holds a special place in many fans' hearts.

From Kirby Puckett's home run in Game 6 of the 1991 World Series to Brett Favre's pass to Greg Lewis in 2009 that beat the 49ers, the Dome has had its share of memories on the field.

But the Dome had some other advantages as well. No stadium will ever be as loud as the Dome during a MLB playoff game. No matter what team was in town, chances are you could walk up to the ticket window on a rainy summer night and watch the Twins take on an American League foe for under ten dollars.

With more amenities and bells and whistles comes greater cost for tickets, and in turn a different type of fan will inevitably fill the seats. The Metrodome was a suitable utilitarian companion to its blue collar inhabitants.

The final ceremony for the Metrodome featured three speakers and lasted maybe 20 minutes, including the "Top Ten" video they replayed throughout the game. That the ceremony was so anticlimactic perhaps should not have been a surprise, as it followed a game that ended with the home team kneeling down in the red zone to kill the clock in a meaningless game.