The Vikings Stadium is either a sore spot for you or an inspiration for you. I'll be the first to admit, I was totally against the plan to plop a stadium right where the old one is... parking is a major issue and even just getting into Minneapolis proper is a major pain in the arse. But you have to admit, these concept photos released by the Vikings organization yesterday make the idea of new stadium near the Metrodome site much more agreeable.

According to the latest from MinnPost, the plan with charitable gaming attached to it passed the first committee test in the House last night. Those bills now move to the Rules Committee.

Part of that plan included the last minute addition of 'sport-related tipboards', which the Governor said earlier probably wouldn't work, since they might be considered sports gambling. But according to King Wilson, of Allied Charities of Minnesota, the tipboards wouldn't be considered conventional sports betting because participants choose random numbers and win if the numbers appear in the final score. It has nothing to do with which team wins or loses the game, which is the main criteria for 'sports-betting'.

The photos in the gallery below definitely show a very modernized stadium setting, which would certainly elevate the Twin Cities skyline to a much more interesting status.