The original 'Mighty Ducks' movie was filmed here in Minnesota.  But for some reason, probably cost, this film has been done in Vancouver.  Whatever, the references are still right here in the "state of hockey". But you do see a glimpse of the Minneapolis skyline in the trailer for the movie that has just been released.

But as for the Ice Palace, I'm not sure a building like that exists.  If it does, enlighten me.  But as for right now, I think it totally made up for the film  Unfortunate, because it seems like a cool place.

By Source, Fair use
By Source, Fair use

Anyway, you will see lots of references to Minnesota with star, Lauren Graham, mostly known for the Gilmour Girls, wearing all sorts of sweatshirts with Minnesota and/or Gopher references on them. And of course, it takes place in Minnesota, but just wasn't actually filmed here.  That does kind of bum me out, I'll be honest.  But whatever.

The film follows a group of kids that are basically the underdogs, and Graham plays the mother of a kid who has been kicked out of his hockey club.  Mostly because he just wasn't good enough.  So, she does what any mother would do, and rallys everyone together to form their own team.  Along with Emilio Estevez back as the coach. That'll show 'em!  You go girl!

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So, right away, you will root for the kids that were the "cast offs" to show the other teams that they are actually good enough to compete.  We all love to root for those teams, right?  We get that here in Minnesota.  It's almost a way of life when it comes to sports. Let's face it.

Anyway, the film is scheduled to come out on Disney + streaming service on March 26th.

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