There is a new forecast that predicts that Minnesota will have a milder than average winter.  I say wahooo!  But I know that there are others that would not be so happy with this situation.  Check out the map here.  

Southern States First To Feel Effects Of Massive Winter Storm
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I've heard all of the  arguments for and against this issue.  Some like it a bit warmer, some like the snow for winter sports.  Snowmobiling, skiing, ice fishing- I'll give you that one.  If you love to fish, and the ice is never really safe, that does put a damper on things.  Plus there are events around the area that depend on the colder temps so that they can have said events.  I also am a person who likes the winter carnival in the twin cities and that also depends on ice not melting.  So there is that.

But other than those issues, I'm all about the warmer temperatures.  I like to sometimes be able to run around outside and be active without having my fingers and toes go numb.  Granted, you can always put on more, but you can only take off so much before you will be arrested.  I get it... but I still like temps not so frigid.

We'll see how accurate this deal is.

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