How much screen time do you allow your kids to have?

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This includes any screen... ipad, tablet, your phone, the TV- any screen.  There is a push to get screen time limited to our youngest children.

A report from KARE 11 spells it out...

A first of its kind legislation is now before lawmakers at the state capitol. It would limit screen time for Minnesota's youngest children.

There are two parts to the bill. One part would restrict all personal devices in publicly funded preschools and Kindergartens. Another part would start a public service announcement campaign on the negative effects of screen time.

There are people who agree that some of our kids are getting too much screen time, but think that it is up to the parents.  They say that the government shouldn't have a say.

Advocates say determining how much screen time is enough is the largest parenting issue of our generation.

"I have seen firsthand how technology has changed both in and out of the classroom," she said. "I am not anti-tech. The genie is out of the bottle. I have a cellphone. My kids have devices. There is a big difference between a young child and an adult using the screens."

The new bill would change how preschoolers and kids in kindergarten use tablets, smartphones or other digital media without the help of a teacher.

How much is too much?  Do you think this should be regulated by the government?  And, if that is the case, how would they regulate it?  How would they really know?

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