Might be some nicer cars parked in the parking lot at a Coon Rapids business. According to the Minnesota State Lottery, 28 co workers have claimed a one million dollar prize from Saturday night's Powerball drawing.

These 28 co workers call their lotto group Team APG. One of the members told lottery officials “If we had one more number, our group name would be ‘Retired.’”

Dustin Uran is the guy that buys the lotto tickets for the group. Dustin went into a lottery retailer on Monday to scan the tickets.  “I scanned it and it said, ‘Winner. Contact lottery office.’ So, I scanned it again and I thought, ‘That’s different.’ I knew it must be $50,000 or $1 million—or a glitch.”


Uran then checked the numbers online and realized they had won second prize of one million dollars.

Maybe tonight is your turn. Powerball jackpot is expected to be at least $395 million. Good luck!

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