When I was in High School, Winter sports was definitely something that you would look forward to.  It was something to do whether  you were involved in the sport, or just going to the games and events.  The Winter season seems so long, and that is a way to just break it up a bit.  Now, many of our friends have kids in Winter High School sports and because of COVID, this year has been so strange on every level.

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We have all been waiting to hear what was going to happen with Winter sports.  The Fall sports schedule was originally going to be pushed to the Spring. But then they did change it a bit with a shortened schedule for football and volleyball.

Recently, the MSHSL had a meeting to decide the fate of Winter high school sports.  They did come to a decision unanimously.  They voted to have 70% of the normal games happen.

If you  are wondering how this is going to work with playoffs for Fall sports, looks like there will be sectionals, but state championships wouldn't happen.  Super weird, right?  I mean, isn't that generally the goal?  To get to the state level and have a winner?  But, as we all know, nothing has been normal this year.  Maybe we should just be glad that there is some sort of a semblance of high school sports at all.

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