We have been hearing for years about some scams on social media that have been hiding in plain sight.  These scams have been grabbing your personal information without you even realizing it.  Some of these things are basically harmless. Others are pretty scary.

The lastest one that I have seen is this:

"What the last 4 digits of your phone number says about your personality".  This is a hidden way of trying to get your personal information.  Another one was a Star Wars meme asking what your mother's maiden name and the street you grew up on. These are things that are commonly used as security questions on protected websites.

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Some of the ones that are less invasive, but are also to be looked out for are memes that ask for the month and day you were born on.  This one isn't as bad as most security questions ask you not to use that information mostly because it's pretty public anyway.  But if anything is asking you for information about your childhood, stay away from those.  Simple things like "I bet nobody remembers their 5th grade teacher" or "I bet your can't remember the first car you drove".  With this being said, you also should know if you have used any of these things in any security questions.  I personally know that none of this infomation has been used for that purpose.  But they are still common questions that are asked for secure websites.

Bottom line is to try and avoid these social media "Games".  They seem harmless but can potentially be giving away your private information that can get a hacker into your financials, or other idenity theft situations.

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