Growing up in the 70s and 80s  we had these products and who knew that they were considered  as dangerous... by today's standards, anyway? And how crazy is it that we all made it out of those crazy decades?  At least most of us did.  I'm only saying that because I'm sure someone was hurt or worse by these products, I just don't know of anyone personally.


First- remember Hunt's Snack Pack pudding?   It came in those little aluminum cans, and had the pull back top.  Apparently when it was first introduced in the 60s, (I didn't get that round) there was some horse in the commercial that let you know not to play with the top, or lick it or touch it, basically. Then in the 70s, they changed it to the still metal can, but it  had a "child safe" lid.   Then in the 80s, the plastic container rolled out.  Not the clear plastic that we see now in stores, it was white and opaque.  Somehow now, the pudding (which I absolutely loved) doesn't taste the same.  Did the metal can have something to do with the taste?

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Remember Presto?  Especially now, with the holidays happening, it seemed like in the 80s all of the commercials were something made by Presto.  Great for your family!  There was the hot dog maker.  You took hot skewers and cooked up to 6 hot dogs in a minute.  There was also the fondue pot, hot molten cheese, who doesn't want that?  Seriously, I do kind of want that.  An electric can opener- really ?  That just seems like something that you don't need. An electric knife.  Ok, I will admit to really liking the one I STILL have.  It's really the "business".  Like I feel like you haven't lived until you have used one of those babies to carve a turkey.  It's awesome.

There were some  kitchen appliances in shows that were aired in the 70s and 80s that were always present.  Check out the kitchen from WKRP here.  

Remember Jarts?  Everyone knows those were dangerous.  But again, I know of not one  person that was actually hurt by one of those things.  And now, even though it's not a law, but bike helmets.  When did those things become the norm?  When we were kids, people always rode around without a helmet on.  And the only person that I know of that was hurt seriously was someone who was hit by a car.  But I can concede that they are probably a better idea than not.  But it seems that if you wiped out on your bike, you would most likely injure your knees and/or hand and elbows.

What were some things that you remember as a kid that was fun, but probably wouldn't work in todays climate. You want them back anyway.

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