When you're from Minnesota, you end up explaining a few things over and over again to out-of-towners. Yeah, it's a 'Minnesota thing', just deal with it.

Here's a few facts about Minnesota that people not from here are completely oblivious to. They'll never understand unless they've lived here...

Minnesota Weather

As much as we are the focal point with such extreme weather changes (you know, extremely cold in the winter, and miserably hot in the peak of summer), we don't feel like talking about it to everybody who doesn't live here. We live in it every day, and we live here with our Minnesota weather because we love this state.

Minnesota Nice

Most people from Minnesota are pretty nice people, at least at heart. Honestly, we're not big on direct confrontation. People usually get confused with us being "Minnesota Nice", when actually we are just passive aggressive.

The Biggest Sports Whiners

People from Minnesota usually have something negative to say while in a conversation about our sports teams. Don't get us wrong, we're DIE-HARD sports fans and will always support our teams. Sadly, our teams rarely make it to the championship due to [insert a million reasons here], but we still support them and will always be a fan. We have a right to whine about our Minnesota teams, so just go along with it.

Goodbyes Take a While

If you've ever had your coat in hand and 1 foot out the door, Minnesotan's have a long running history of the longest "goodbyes" in the world. This could be part of our Minnesota Nice label, but in reality, we just want to take sure our guests leave happy. When we offer a pile of leftovers, get out the calendar to plan the next get-together, or say "goodbye and drive safe" a dozen times...just smile and go with it. Maybe it's because we are raised to say the final goodbye.

We All Aren't the Characters from the Fargo Movie

The movie Fargo helped put Minnesota on the map, and for the most part, a lot of the scenes show Minnesota surroundings pretty accurately. The characters on the other hand, are NOT Minnesota (well, kind of, but we won't admit it). We aren't elf-like, don't all talk like we have an IQ of 6, and rarely wear flannel on a daily basis.

Nobody is from the Twin Cities

The Twin Cities in Minnesota are actually referring to 2 cities - Minneapolis and St. Paul. It's impossible to be from both. The Twin Cities is generally referred to a broader area that also includes suburbs of the two. Sadly, people who aren't from here don't get this and think the "Twin Cities" is an actual city. Minnesotan's say we're from the Twin Cities to show that we're from the city, and not the rural areas of Minnesota. Next time somebody says "I'm from the Twin Cities", you should respond with "Cool, where exactly?".

Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota at night time

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