If you watch any of the regular network channels, you have probably noticed that KARE 11 has been wall to wall Chauvin trial.  Sometimes it has been fairly interesting, and at times actually rather boring.  Both things have been happening.  A lot of repetition as well.

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Over the weekend, SNL brought the trial to the forefront too.  They had a cold open that focused on the Chauvin trial here in Minnesota.

The whole thing was focused on what will happen with the trial.  Will there be a conviction? What will happen if there isn't.  What will happen if there is a conviction? They even touched on the riots and will those happen again when the results come through.

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My personal opinion, is that we, as Minnesotans need to be on guard.  I feel like riots could happen with or without a conviction.  Then again, in August when the other three officers will be facing their charges, we should be on guard again.  This is an unpredictable situation.

On SNL they also touched on the weather that Minnesota is so famous for.  Of course, people only really hear about the cold, so that's what they focus on, generally.  I used to work a job where I spoke with people from all over the country.  The most common question that I would get when they heard I was in Minnesota was if we ever get rid of our snow.  HA!  Yeah, we do. We get every extreme here.  You just don't hear about the heat and humidity and mosquitos because the rest of the country deals with some of that too, and its not news-worthy.

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