I have lived in Minnesota most of my life, and I am still finding things that are here that I was totally unaware of.  Like how could I not have heard of a giant black bear sanctuary?

Moon Bear Rescue Centre In Chengdu
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It might be the location.  The American Bear Association (didn't know there was a bear association in MN either) runs the sanctuary which is located in Orr, Minnesota which is about a little more than an hour or so North of Duluth on Hwy 53.  It's a pretty small town but has this really cool feature.  Granted, the winter time is not exactly the best time to be out bear viewing due to hibernation, but during the warmer months, it might totally be worth the drive North to visit this sanctuary.

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And get this- you can have "breakfast with the bears".  My first thought is that I don't want to BE the breakfast, and what does this entail?  Well, it gives viewers a chance to see certain bears who are only out and active during the earlier morning hours.

On their website, they say that this is what you can expect:

Come and join us for a superb continental breakfast and watch early dawn bear activity from the safety and comfort of our viewing deck. The fee does include a souvenir take-home Breakfast with the Bears mug!

Hey, for a mug, I'll put myself in possible danger.  I'm kidding. I'm sure there is no danger, right?  RIGHT????

This feature is available for a limited time, just July 17th through August 17th.  That's quite a small window.  But might be something you can talk about and show photos of later to your friends.  It's like going on safari right here in Minnesota.... sort of.

If you would like some more information on the bear sanctuary, check out their website.  It's worth the drive, and you could include this on your annual trip to "up north".

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