I always joke that the Powerball is my only shot at retirement. Not that I could get by on just a million but it sure would help.

$213 Million Powerball Jackpot Has Mystery Winner
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Dale Hammond of Aitkin, Minnesota had the great fortune of holding a one million dollar Powerball ticket.  The winning ticket was purchased at a convenience store in Aitkin.  The ticket was purchased last Wednesday and the winner came forward this week.

What I don't like about the Minnesota lottery rules is the fact that they can release your name for promotion.  Some states actually allow you to remain anonymous. This eliminates having every friend and relative, etc, hitting you up for some money. If you helped out everyone that asked, that million wouldn't last you very long.


So, Dale Hammond, put that money in a trust and tell people you can't touch it.  But, before you do that, I could use an extra ten grand. Sorry, worth a shot.

The Minnesota Lottery also announced another big winner. April Schneider of North Branch won a cool half million on a scratch off Riches game ticket.

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