We rock!  Wallethub says that Minnesota is the most charitable state.  How did we get this wondrous recognition?  Well, there are a few factors that go into figuring out how this goes.


And here is exactly how those factors broke down....

Generosity in Minnesota (1=Most Charitable; 25=Avg.) 

  • 11th – Charities per Capita
  • 26th – % of Donated Income
  • 2nd – % of Population Who Donated Time
  • 7th – % of Population Who Donated Money
  • 22nd – % of Population Collecting/Distributing Food
  • 1st – Volunteer Rate
  • 18th – Volunteer Hours per Capita

The most charitable states, other than Minnesota are Utah, Maryland, Oregon and Ohio.  The bottom five states... the least charitable are Nevada (gambling?), Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico.  Dead last award goes to Arizona.  Maybe the heat goes to people's heads there and it inhibits their reasoning ability.  I'm kidding about that... but you have to wonder why they would be dead last on the list??

Again... happy Giving Tuesday... and thank you Minnesota for being charitable.


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