This is the best news we have heard in almost a year.  Last year was so hard on everyone.  We missed out on mostly everything that we all enjoy.  The Summer was a wash out, no graduations, proms, festivals, basically anything that involved a large or a larger group of people was cancelled.  We made it through that.  Now, some light seems to be a the end of the tunnel.

Photo by's Jim Maurice
Photo by's Jim Maurice

Governor Walz said that he plans on making an announcement later this morning.  Usually when he says that he's going to make an announcement regarding the turning of the dial, it's not in our favor. But this time looks fairly promising.  With the numbers in positive cases on the decline and the amount of vaccinations that have already been given, and expectation of more doses on the way, this could look close to normal soon.

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From the sounds of it, we could be looking at things going back to normal, or as normal as we have seen in months, as soon as May. That means that we would gather for graduations, see our grandparents, prom could happen too.  Then this summer we could see some festivals return and of course the Great Minnesota Get-together, the Minnesota State Fair!

For once I wouldn't complain at all if I'm at the fair, all hot and sweaty with people all around me.  Come one, come all!

This is at least what we are expecting Walz to say with this announcement.  It's scheduled to happen Friday at 11am.  Fingers crossed!

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