Well, I guess, she should have seen this coming, right? If you gave Cynthia Evans aka Psychic Cynthia any of your hard earned money to maybe lift a curse or two, you're not alone.

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According to FOX 9, Evans had a business practice of scamming vulnerable adults out of thousands of dollars over the years. The Hopkins psychic faced accusations that she swindled clients out of $130,000 over the years.

She had been able to avoid prosecution for years because authorities never had enough evidence to bring charges. I think many that were ripped off preferred not to involve the authorities to avoid any embarrassment.

That all changed when a man came forward and told police that he had given Evans, roughly $88,000 over the past couple of years. It's not like this guy was rolling in money.  He claimed that a portion of the money he Gave "Psychic Cynthia" was either borrowed or taken out of his mother's retirement account without her knowledge.

According to court documents, the man was considered to be a vulnerable adult, considering he had a developmental disability.

Evans entered a guilty plea to 2 counts of felony swindle getting her a 90 days jail time and 5 years probation. No mention of any restitution being required as part of her sentence.

Hopkins Police Department posted this statement on their Facebook page this past Wednesday. "After two years of investigation, hundreds of case documents, dozens of police reports, and endless follow up, HPD can now update that former Hopkins business owner Cynthia Evans AKA "Psychic Cynthia" has pled guilty to two counts of felony theft by swindle."

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